45th Trench Duty: 6th-12th May 1917

6/5/1917 PETIT SAINS: Battalion relieved 1/5th Leicestershire Regiment in RIGHT SUBSECTOR of Left Brigade Front, East of CITE ST PIERRE. M.12.d.50.10 to N.1.c.40.35 (Ref Map 36C.SW.1)map

Our new sector was one of the worst we ever held. The front line, "A" Company (Petch), consisted of "Cooper Trench"—an exposed salient in front of Cité St. Pierre, overlooked and shelled from every direction and absolutely unapproachable during daylight, except for those who were willing to crawl. "B" and "C" Companies (Wynne and Moore) were behind in cellars, and "D" (Shields) and Battalion Headquarters still further back in the Cité. On the left could be seen the low slag heap and railway line of St. Pierre coal mine.
[1/5th Leicesters]

1/6th Battalion War Diary [WO/95/2694]

“The 6th May saw us back in trenches, relieving the 1/5th Leicestershire Regiment in the right sub-sector of the left Brigade front east of Cite St. Pierre, for the commencement of a spell which was as comfortable as most the Battalion had enjoyed. For the whole of the months of May and June the weather was glorious, the health of the Battalion was of a very high standard, and the two months spent in the various parts of the Divisional sector…..will be remembered as a happy and not too exciting period”

[1/6th Battalion History]

6th: The 139 Brigade relieve the 138 Brigade in the left (St. PIERRE) Sector.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

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