7th Trench Duty 25th-30th May 1915

Kemmel 25.5.1915: Returned to trenches for 5 days. 2 Lieut G Glossop wounded slightly. OR killed 4 & wounded 22.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

See here.


  • 1349 Pte. Alec Ford a labourer from Ashbourne.
  • 2242 Pte. Hubert Fewkes a poor law clerk from Bakewell who was shot by a sniper.
  • 1894 Pte. Arthur Staton a pit pony driver from Mosborough.
  • 394 Sergt. George Waterhouse a labourer from Chinley.Waterhouse_Staton_Fewkes_Ford


  • 745 Pte. Jabez Beresford a labourer from Chesterfield who was transferred to England with GSW in the foot.
  • 2208 Pte. Adam Brooks a quarry man from Middleton admitted to 8 CCS and 5 General Hospital and transferred to England on 10.6.15. Returned to France on 4.3.16 with 6th Reinforcement.
  • 1803 Pte. Charles Bunting a machinist from Matlock who was admitted to the 1st NMFA with gastric enteritis.
  • 284 Pte. Ernest Hallam wounded in the field.
  • 3435 Pte. Ralph Hartley wounded in the field and returned to Battalion.
  • 1591 Pte. Jack Guy wounded in the field and returned to Battalion.
  • 1704 Pte. John Hall cyst on eyelid and admitted to 1st NMFA. Returned to duty.
  • 1941 Pte. William Ryder shell wound in back and legs. Admitted to 1st NMFA, 8 CCS and 3 Canadian Hospital. Also caught scabies but returned to duty on 7.10.15.
  • 1944 Pte Leonard Wilson GSW left hand and returned to Battalion.
  • 2014 Cpl. Ernest Hallam wounded in hip and admitted to 1st NMFA, 8 CCS and 2 Canadian Hospital. Returned to duty on 26.06.15.
  • 1838 Pte. Frank Mellor wounded in the field.
  • 3291 Pte. Albert Biggin wounded in the field.
  • 1463 Pte. Alfred Marchington wounded in the field.
  • 1685 Pte. William Broughton wounded in the field.
  • 3217 William Wilks transferred to England and discharged 17.3.16.
  • 3217 Pte. Thomas Moss transferred to England and discharged due to wounds on 17.7.16 (para 392 XVI).
  • 1804 Pte. Harry Bagshaw Pneumonia and admitted to 1st NMFA and 13 General Hospital. Transferred to England by ‘‘HMHS Brighton’’ on 7.6.15. Returned to France with V Reinforcement.
  • 172 Pte. James Mellor wounded in the field.
  • 1750 Cpl. Edward White wounded in the field.
  • 1915 Pte. John Markham wounded in the field.

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