On these days 22nd-25th May 1915

No record in the War Diary [WO/95/2694]


Whit Sunday, MAY 23rd. We had Church Service on enlined Picket, this is if they want reinforcing one Company every night. We have just had (7.30) two German Taubes over, two of our Guns drove them back, and two of our aeroplanes followed them over their own lines.

MAY 24th. Whit Monday we were inspected by General Sir H. Plumer. Early this morning the Germans started using gas again, and with a very strong wind the people in the village 7 miles behind the firing line were drove out of their houses, and there was a very heavy artillery duel all night through.

We went in the trenches on MAY 25th at 11 p.m., where we relieved our 5th Battalion in K 2 , B trench.

[1415 Cpl. Alfred Afford]


22nd May 1915. We were inspected by General Plummer our new General. Everything as usual.

23rd May 1915. Church parade. Everything as usual.

24th May 1915. I slept near the door and just where my mouth was there was a hole. In the early morning I wakened in a dazed condition, my throat burning, and my head going all round. I couldn’t understand it because I had been having such good health. I struggled through the day as best I could and we were told that there had been a heavy dose of gas along the line and it had been felt our way. It didn’t strike me then what I was suffering from. I wrote my usual letter with much difficulty and went to bed early thinking I should be much better next morning.

25th May 1915. I wakened up next morning feeling worse than I did the day before. I struggled on through the day until afternoon. We were to go in the trenches that night. I felt so bad I went to the doctor. He couldn’t understand it. He took my temp and it was 101. He didn’t know what to do at the finish. He sent for a motor ambulance and I was taken to the hospital at Logre. When I got there my temp was 102 .

[2381 Pte. George Potter Bagshaw]


May 22nd. Breakfast at 7-30 a.m. on train. Arrd Rouen about 9 a.m. & rode to No3 Stationary Hospital. Seen by doctor there & sent to convt camp. Grand day. Slept on a sring bed – quite a treat. Concert 6-30.

May 23rd. Breakfast 7-30. Whitsunday. Service 8-30. On fatigue till 12. Saw doctor 9-30 a.m. & sent to No6 Gen Base. Grand day again.

May 24th. Roll call 6 saw doctor 7 a.m. Breakfast 8 a.m. Set off at 9-30 toappear before Medical Board. Verdict 1 month at Conv Depot. Retd there 2 p.m. Sports in afternoon & after tea. String band present (Whit Monday) then distn of prizes & concert at Y. M.C.A. Grand day again.

May 25th. Breakfast 7 a.m.Paraded at 8 a.m. & saw Colonel, then on fatigue till 12. Went to doctor for medicine 2 p.m. & 5 p.m. Grand day again.

[3289 Pte George William Beardsley]


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