3 thoughts on “The fate of the 2/6th Battalion Officers on the 21st March 1918 and the location of bodies recovered after the War

  1. spreefarm

    Hi Mike,

    Excellent research, I have been collating the names of all those who served in the DLI for WWI, with around 40,000 names with emphasis on the 10th Bn and imparticular December 1917. I have found all the wounded and missing bar one, and the last resting places of the 7 who have no known graves.

    Where do you get the information on the types of wounds recieved? I have some records from “Forces Records” but this is sporadic.

    Spree Farm

      1. spreefarm

        Hi Mike,

        Mine is just data sourcing and entry. I love the history of the individuals which is more piognent when the soldier is from you home town.

        Thanks for sharing

        Spree Farm

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